A sunroom from Porch Outfitters is sweet peace of mind because you get everything that matters.

Complement the architecture of your home. Shop the most complete style selection anywhere.

Features & Benefits
More than 50 exclusives for great looks, lifetime thermal comfort and maintenance-free convenience.

Designed, tested and certified for lifetime strength against the elements, time and use. Built hurricane strong.

Lifetime, transferable product warranty. Plus full warranty on installation.

The Lifetime Difference

When we say “lifetime” we mean your actual lifetime. Many sunrooms can look great when new. The difference is years-from-now quality.

Quality means you won’t pay for repairs later. Quality means your sunroom looks and functions like new, even 20 years from now. Quality adds real value to your home when you sell – and recoups your investment.

A TEMO sunroom is recognized as the highest quality thermal sunroom – that’s because TEMO invented the concept. Learn more about how TEMO pioneered thermal sunrooms and became the industry leader.